Alexandra Yacht Club
Founded 1906

Membership Fees

Associate Member

Senior Member

*The debentures are refundable following notification in writing to the club of the member's decision to resign membership and will be redeemed in the order of the waiting list as each new senior member is accepted.

**Winter storage includes lifting out and launching on the days the club brings in a mobile crane.

A Cheque in the amount of $5,600 ($2,500 initiation fee + $500 yearly membership dues + $2,600 debentures) + HST + Summer Mooring Fees will be requested on approval of membership.

After the first year costs will be annual membership dues, summer mooring and winter storage fees.

The Alexandra Yacht Club is a self-help club, which means that we do all our own maintenance, upkeep and repairs. All senior members must contribute a minimum of 16 work hours per fiscal year (October 31).

For more membership information contact Ken Chumik at

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